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Social Media Management

Save time & Increase ROI. Get a strategic plan to help your business get the most out of your social presence.

Social Media Marketing

Generate sales & expand your reach by launching an online campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter..

Social Media Analytics

Generate sales & expand your reach by launching an online campaign on Facebook, Instagram & other channels.

Social Media Content

Ready to go viral? Create engaging stories & images that will fit your audience on each channel.

Analyze your Competitors, Locate Influencers & Connect with Your Community.

Social Media Influencers

Try the new growth tactic with an influencer marketing

Social Media Audit

Check what's working, what's not & what can be improved

Social Media Community

Find the right tools, build a valuable relationship and seed engagement within your community.

Social Media Competitive Analysis

Keep an eye on your competitor's marketing strategy.

influencers social media lebanon

I've Helped International Organizations, Startups as well as NGOs grow on Social Media.

MBC Al Amal

Created a 6 months social media calendar with English and Arabic Content. The content was crafted to fit the awareness stage; to educate users. As well as action oriented content to push users to register.

Created an AdWords campaign for more than 16 countries around the world. Prepared the content, and GIFs for display. The campaign lasted for 6 months and generated registrants as well as sponsors.

Cartier Women's Initiative Middle East

Targeted women with business ideas across the Middle East. Created laser focused campaigns on Facebook to find and reach niche audience. Used retargeting to achieve a high conversion rate.

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