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Back in April 2018, Google launched it’s first Arabic digital skills program, ‘Maharat min Google’. The free program helps Arabic speakers develop practical digital skills through an online learning platform and in-person training. Maharat min Google in Lebanon I was happy to deliver Google’s first in-person digital skills training in Lebanon. The training was hosted

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spy competitors ads faceboook 1 click

If you own a business, then you definitely have an created and optimized your Facebook business page and run regular ads. Because if you’re not, you are definitely missing out on potential customers. Pages tend to sponsor / boost their best offer, product or package that would grab attention & generate results. Guess what! Well

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Instagram Stories Highlights Covers

Ready to upgrade your Instagram account? Instagram Stories Highlights covers is the perfect way to create an attractive layout, make your Instagram Stories stand out & helps build your brand on Instagram. Regular Instagram stories disappear 24 hours after being posted while highlights are saved to custom categories on your Instagram account. The highlights never

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shoppable posts instagram

It’s so frustrating when you have to search the web for products featured on your favorite influencers or brands’ stories. Guess what, you will no longer have to do so! Shoppable posts, the long awaited feature expanded to stories to help businesses sell their products on Instagram Instagram announced in a press statement that selected

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Instagram hashtag comment or caption

Instagram has recently changed its algorithm, and has been been releasing updates that made it harder for brands to generate engagement and reach. These changes will help decrease spam and irrelevant content of certain Instagram accounts. If you manage an Instagram account, you would know that using the right hashtags can extend the reach of

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Social Media Crisis

A Social media crises can happen for a variety of reasons. From accidental Facebook posts to epic marketing campaign fails. Those campaigns become memorable definitely not for their effectiveness, but for the lack of common sense involved in making them. Such campaigns don’t only fail to attract the attention of the target user or business,

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aliexpress lebanon

If you love online shopping. Aliexpress just made it easier for you to start shopping online. We all know by now that Aliexpress is cheap compared to local prices in Lebanon, easy as they deliver your products to your doorstep and safe, you can get your money back if you never get a product or

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hiring digital agency middle east

Want to hire a digital agency to manage your company’s online marketing? Before launching our women-owned digital marketing agency in the mdidle east, my partner and I have worked for multiple agencies in Lebanon, UAE, and Amman for more than 6 years. Driving growth for local businesses like Abed’s Salon to international organization like World



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