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what to consider when building your ngos first website

Do I Really Need a Website for my NGO? YESSS! Absolutely You work so much for your cause — Doing good & supporting your community. Now it’s time to spread the word and share what you do. A well-built website can: Grow impact, and increase awareness about the cause & NGO Increase number of visitors

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Social Media Crisis

A Social media crises can happen for a variety of reasons. From accidental Facebook posts to epic marketing campaign fails. Those campaigns become memorable definitely not for their effectiveness, but for the lack of common sense involved in making them. Such campaigns don’t only fail to attract the attention of the target user or business,

aliexpress lebanon

If you love online shopping. Aliexpress just made it easier for you to start shopping online. We all know by now that Aliexpress is cheap compared to local prices in Lebanon, easy as they deliver your products to your doorstep and safe, you can get your money back if you never get a product or

hiring digital agency middle east

Want to hire a digital agency to manage your company’s online marketing? Before launching our women-owned digital marketing agency in the mdidle east, my partner and I have worked for multiple agencies in Lebanon, UAE, and Amman for more than 6 years. Driving growth for local businesses like Abed’s Salon to international organization like World

NGO website

There are hundreds of NGOs in Lebanon. Recently I came across couple NGOs in Lebanon doing great work on the ground but those activities and achievements are not reflected on their website. Thus their impact is being limited and they are missing out on getting support from volunteers & donors. FREE DOWNLOAD: The Complete Website

lebanese elections social media

The infographic gives a quick view of social media statistics during the Lebanese parliamentary election, 2018. The importance of social media for election campaigning has received a lot of attention recently. Social media monitoring can provide key insights from users who are actively talking about the election in Lebanon and abroad. This is the first

ie venture day beirut lebanon

IE Venture Day Beirut Edition was hosted at BDD Beirut Digital District in Beirut on the 21st of April. The event designed by IE business school was a great opportunity for attendees to exchange knowledge, network and get insights about key insights in Lebanon.   The event was the occasion to present IE Business School

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ie education

We all need a place to sit in front of a computer and get things done, whether it’s planning the next big startup idea, freelancing or writing a term paper. If you are not a fan of cafes, you can check out the co-working spaces in Beirut, Lebanon. The below cafes for freelancers, creatives, students