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Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising works, but why? Everyone has Facebook. It’s the most popular website on the internet with more than 1.32 billion monthly active users according to Facebook Statistics. So no matter what product or service you are advertising for and who are targeting, Facebook can help. We already went over how to use Facebook to promote your Business, and now we will be pointing out the common mistakes done by businesses and advertisers.

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Top LinkedIn Tips and Tricks

Wednesday, 08 October 2014 by

LinkedIn is considered to be one of the growing social networks as well as the most popular social networks used by professionals and businesses with more than 259 million users. Why would you join this network?

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There are multiple social media platforms so Why should you use Facebook to market your business? Simply because ALL your customers are using it. You are, & there’s a good chance everyone you know is on Facebook. According to Business Insider, Facebook is the largest is the largest social network in the world

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Iphone 6 : All you need to know!

Tuesday, 09 September 2014 by

Check out the new iPhone 6. Apple officially announced the launching of its new iPhone. This model is available in two sizes, Iphone 6 4.7 Inches and Iphone 6 Plus 5.5 Inches, both bigger then any earlier iPhone. Both iPhone models are available in three colors, grey, gold and silver and are innovative

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Google Adwords

Today, Google announced the new AdWords feature. Now Advertisers can track “Website Call Conversions” or Clicks that lead to calls. Previously Google wasn’t able to track people who click on Google Ads and skim through pages then later on calls the company which is a lead derived initially from an Ad.

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Collecting Fans from your competitors Facebook Page is a simple and easy process, Few steps and you would have a database of Names, IDs, and emails that you know for sure are interested in your business!

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If you’re looking for a quick solution to show up  on Google, lets spare “SEO strategy” for later, It doesn’t take an expert to create Google ads, its all about the few tips and tricks you learn with years of experience. First, before even starting the campaign you should know there are ALWAYS AdWords coupons

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Yesterday, Facebook released a video explaining how ads targeting will change. Jake Brill, product manager talks about the need to reach ads that are relevant to  people’s interests in products or services. Previously, Facebook ads were based on the people’s activity on Facebook. Today, information will be gathered from the websites and apps people check

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