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If your checking a Facebook page with the new layout, then you are definitely wondering where this came from! Get Updates from……in your News Feed If you haven’t liked the page, a white Like strip will show up as you scroll down the Facebook page! Don’t Worry, once you close it, it won’t be showing

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If you are curious about this new technology, now you can try-it-at-home before spending 1500$ excluding tax. Google launched a one-day (15 April) public sale for anyone to purchase Google glass in US.  It  isn’t yet commercially available, limited only to developers and not ready to ship for other countries. The official release of Google

World’s Toughest Job!

Saturday, 19 April 2014 by

The job you never expected! An Agency Posted a job online with the following description: Position: Director of operations:Standing up All Time, Working 135 to unlimited hours per week, No vacations, Salary: 0$, No time for sleep, Working days include New year’s, Christmas and any other holiday The Job ad received around 2.7 million viewers

Social media disaster

US Airways faced a social media disaster that went viral and was not managed properly. The individual responsible of managing US Airways twitter account, tweeted a pornographic photo in response to a customer complaint about a flight delay, the image shows a completely naked photo of a woman and a toy plane which went viral

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